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Professional advice provided by an Authorised Financial Adviser is essential when considering transferring your UK Pension Scheme to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme Provider (QROPS).  Our third suppliers are AMP NZRT QROPS and Booster QROPS.

Before you consider transferring your UK Pension Scheme, you should be confident that you are going to stay in New Zealand and not return to live or work in the UK.

We would assist with identifying your goals and objectives and establishing whether you would benefit from transferring your scheme (or not) so that there is a clear benefit and rationale for the transfer to take place.

Once we have identified your goals and objectives and that a transfer is appropriate, we would research the available QROPS to receive your UK Pension transfer funds. We will advise on the rules and benefits imposed by the UK authorities in relation to a transfer to QROPS in New Zealand.

You also have a wide range of portfolios to choose from which will in the longer term make a big difference to your retirement outcome. It is important to choose the right fund from a Risk perspective. We will identify the appropriate portfolio for your circumstances.

Periodic reviews should be carried out. If your circumstances change that may have a bearing on your financial outlook, you should notify us so that we can review the suitability of these plans to meet your needs, goals and objectives at that time.

If you would like to learn more about any of these products, please Contact us today.

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